Johannes Lauter VP - Development, Product, Data



  • Recruitment and management of larger development, product and data units (up to 45 people divided in different teams)
  • Acquiring, maintaining and fostering talent in a competitive market
  • Ability to apply lean methodology to align business needs with IT solutions
  • Management and continuous improvement of tech stacks in Frontend, Backend and Data environments
  • Working closely with Stakeholders, C-Level Executives, and Shareholders to communicate, strategize, and formulate solutions
  • Structuring development teams and workflows involving various, purpose chosen technology stacks



TypeScript, NestJS, VueJS, React, Preact, Angular, Svelte, Ionic, Nuxt, Next, Storybook


Flask, Django


Zend Framework, Symfony, Laravel

App Development

Android, Ionic, Flutter


Tailwind, LESS, SASS, SCSS, PostCSS, BEM


AWS, EKS, Docker, Linux, Continious Integation / Deployment, Source Code Management, Dependency Management, Configuration Management, Testing, Monitoring


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, CoucheDB, Redshift,


Rails, jQuery, RequireJS, BackboneJS, Drupal, Wordpress

personal interests

Avid biker and hiker, alpine skiier, audio content enthusiast, amateur chef and traveller

Professional Profile

Customer and product oriented Chief Technology Officer and VP with over fifteen years of experience in the areas of IT, software engineering, agile development operations, design, product & lean management. Proven track record of organizing and directing successful teams in start-up and corporate environments.


Vice President Product Management, Software Development, Business Intelligence and SEO

Checkout Charlie GmbH - a division of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland (Jan 2011 - Present)

Checkout Charlie is owned by the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and provides affiliate, marketing and publishing services in form of its own B2C products (,, and as B2B focused API and platform solutions to third party publishers (DER SPIEGEL,,, etc.). As a founding member of the company, I lead the teams responsible for development/engineering, data/BI, product, design and SEO.

  • Overseeing of all software development, applications (code, architecture, development and rollout) and infrastructure (projects and services)
  • Planning and implementing the overall product and SEO strategy
  • Application of agile and lean processes within my units as well as supporting other units
  • Budgeting, staffing (planning, hiring, developing, mentoring) and management of up to 4 business units split in to multiple teams
  • Implementation of a micro service, API first & design system driven approach across all products
  • Managed the merger of Sparwelt and (RTLs two man affiliate marketing assets) on a technical, product and structural level

Lead Application Developer

SPARWELT GmbH (Sep 2008 – Jan 2011)

Sparwelt GmbH was founded by Daniel Engelbarts and Christian Lang, both former Partners at ECONA. The initial teams consisted of Daniel Engelbarts, myself, and four other colleagues, where we managed to turn what started as a MVP shopping blog into the leading provider of online coupons in Germany.

  • Managed a start-up IT-Unit, from a software architectural and human resource perspective
  • Enabled the growth of the Sparwelt from a rapid prototype / MVP to a complex platform, providing and integrating various API services

Fullstack Application Developer

ECONA Media GmbH (Jul 2008 – Jan 2011)

Fullstack Application Developer, responsible for a variety of media products and smaller server works.

Application Developer

FM5 (Jul 2006 - Jan 2012)

FM5 is an Austrian non-profit online-magazine focused on politics, society, music and culture.

  • Supported the maintenance of the magazine's application and infrastructure
  • Developed a license free music publishing platform

Technical Consultant

Strato AG (Nov 2006 - Jul 2008)

Strato is Europe's second-largest webhosting company, providing Blog, Ecommerce, and Infrastructure solutions. I consulted SME customers as well drove optimization of internal Incident-Management processes.

  • Worked closely with SME customers to plan their solutions
  • Optimized existing Customer Care workflows based around ITIL service desk models

Specialist for system integration

DRV-Bund (Nov 2005 - Apr 2006)

After I concluded my professional education at the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, DRV-Bund hired me to continue working with a number of different units.

  • Supported ITIL 3 Incident-Management processes-based findings from my final IHK thesis
  • Assisted in the development of several intranet projects focused on information distribution and workflow optimization


Fachinformatiker - Fachrichtung Systemintegration (IHK - 2005)

The DRV-Bund or Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German statutory pension insurance scheme)

The DRV-Bund is one of the largest branches of the German government. Given the history and complexity of the systems used by the DRV-Bund, I was involved in the usage of a variety of technologies ranging from BS2000 based oracle and Cobol applications to more “modern” Linux/java stacks, amongst others. In addition to my educational training, my responsibilities included contributing to a number of projects and teams. I concluded my studies with a final IHK Thesis about the application of ITIL 3 Incident-Management processes to an intranet-based knowledge database.