Johannes Lauter VP - Development, Product, Data



  • hannes [ät] lautr [dot] com





  • Recruitement and management of larger IT-Units ( up to 15 people devided in different teams )
  • Holding on to & fostering talent in a competitve market
  • Able to align business needs with IT solutions
  • Working with Stakeholders and C-Level Executives to clearly communicate issues


NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, CSS3, Revision control, Databases, Build & Dependency Management



ECMAScript 6, TypeScript, VueJS, React, Preact, Angular, Svelte, Ionic


HTML 5, Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation



Build & Dependency Management Systems

NPM, Composer, Gulp, Ant, Graddle

Revision control

Git, SVN, Mercuiral


MySQL, MongoDB, CoucheDB, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Oracle


ZendFramework 1 & 2+, jQuery, Symfony 2+, Silex, Laravel, Rails

Professional Profile

Hi! I'm Johannes and I am a VP for the Berlin based Checkout Charlie GmbH ( a devision of the "RTL Mediengruppe Deutschland"). I love to work on the web, with amazing people and new Technologies and that's why I do what I do.


Vice President Product Management, Software Development, Business Intelligence, & SEO

Checkout Charlie GmbH - a division of "Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland" ( Jan 2011 - Present )

Responsible for development, applications (code, architecture, development and rollout), infrastructure (projects and services). overall Product & SEO strategy, implementation and handling of agile & lean processes and all budgets and staffing ( planning, hiring, developing, mentoring ) of the related business units.

Lead Application Developer

SPARWELT GmbH (Sep 2008 – Jan 2011)

The Sparwelt GmbH was founded by Daniel Engelbarts & Christian Lang, both Partners at ECONA at the Time. The Team starting on the Project consisted of Daniel Engelbarts, Me & four more colleges where we managed to turn what started as MVP Shopping Blog into the leading provider of online coupons in Germany.

  • Management of a Start-Up-Sized IT-Unit, from an software architectural & human resource perspective
  • Enabling the growth of the Sparwelt from a rapid prototype / MVP to a complex platform, providing and integrating various API services

Application Developer

ECONA Media GmbH (Jul 2008 – Jan 2011)

Fullstack Application Developer, largely responsible for a variety of media products and smaller server works.

Application Developer

FM5 (Jul 2006 - Jan 2012)

FM5 is an Austrian non-profit online-magazine mainly focused on politics, society, music & culture.

  • Supported the maintenance of the online magazine application & infrastructure
  • Development of a license free music publishing platform

Technical Consultant

Strato AG (Nov 2006 - Jul 2008)

Strato is Europe's second-largest webhosting company, providing everything from Blog, Ecommerce, to Infrastructure-Solutions. I was involved in to consulting of SMEs as well as the optimization of internal Incident-Management-Processes.

  • Worked closely together with a number of small & medium sized business clients, helping them plan their solutions
  • Optimization of existing Customer Care work flows based around ITIL service desk models

Specialist for system integration

DRV-Bund (Nov 2005 - Apr 2006)

After I concluded my professional education at the Deutsche Rentenversicherung I continued working there for some months in a number of different Units.

  • Continued to work on ITIL 3 Incident-Management-Processes based on my final IHK thesis
  • Was involved in the development of a number of Intranet-Projects focused on information distribution and workflow optimization